Are you just a beginner in the pool world? Are you tired of being just out of the money at the local tournament? Do you feel your league percent is just not what it should be? Does your stroke seem to fail you at just the wrong time? Would you be more happy with your game if you could just be more consistent? You are not alone. I hear these things from students over and over again. Whether you are new to pool or are an experienced player you can benefit from lessons by a B.C.A (Billiard Congress of America) certified instructor.

There seems to be unlimited information out there on how to play pool: hundreds of books, tapes, DVD's and articles. They will tell you how to shoot this shot and that shot. There are countless drills to help you master stun, follow, and draw. Drills that teach you how to master left and right English. In depth information on the geometry and physics of kicking, banking, jumping and masse systems. All this is what we call the front half of the game.

What about the other half? When I played sports in high school there were coaches who were eager to show me the fundamental mechanics of every sport I attempted. Whether it was making a block in football, shooting a basket in basketball, or swinging a bat, or fielding/throwing a ball in baseball. There were always certain guidelines for the placing of your feet, explanations of which muscle groups were to be used, what body joints were involved, a sequence of how this should all go together and where the eyes should be on each and every step. This is what we call the back half. Most books, tapes and DVDs I have seen may dedicate a very small portion in the front to address some of these issues. Again though some are better than others, in my humble opinion, much of these small portions are garbage.

Unfortunately, I played this game for 25 years and was considered an above average league player before taking my first lesson from a B.C.A & S.P.F (Set Pause Finish Freeze) instructor. As the lights were turned on methodically in area after area, I couldn’t help but be excited, but also sick inside asking myself how could I have gone so long and not learned these things?

Sadly, I see many other players at a wide spread of skill levels struggling because they are deprived of proper fundamental mechanics as I was for so long. No wonder there is so much inconsistency in the game of pool. Stop the frustration! Let me teach you the time tested, tried and true, simple, dependable, repeatable, and accurate cue stick delivery system being taught nationwide by the B.C.A instructors and S.P.F family. Let me teach you our fool proof system of delivering the cue accurately over and over and our breakthrough shortcut method of developing a feel for speed control. You’ll watch your game go through the roof as the front half becomes easier.